Executive Director’s Message

I bring you greetings from the management and staff of this organization and wish to applaud everyone who has worked tirelessly to continue to push for the EDUCARE agenda in Liberia. I will first of all like to thank the Board under the chairmanship of our Vibrant chairperson; a woman of strength and consistency. Her leadership has been invaluable to getting us this far. Her sense of focus and direction has kept our boat stable in the midst of so many variables and unexpected happenings in our country and region.

It is very important that we thank all of our partners who have supported us in the work we do through funding and very useful capacity building. You are the reason we have done so much in the few years of our existence. I will like acknowledge the level of commitment and corporation exhibit by the staff during the period under review. As we approach another annual year, with all the joy, excitements, and merriment that is part of the tradition, I am delighted to extend annual greetings to all of our Donors, all stakeholders as well as the communities for all the support we have received from them this year 2015.

Your support during the year 2014-2015 helped us a lot on the journey to fulfill the mission and goal of our reputable organization thus counting us among the catalysts for institutional change in Liberia. We will remain thankful to all of you for your support and endorsement of our efforts and we pledge to work even more closely with you as we seek to transform our country Liberia through quality and excellent services

We wish you a very happy season and an incoming year filled with peace, joy, productivity, and prosperity.


Deola O. Famak

Executive Director

EDUCARE, Liberia


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