Dear Friends, I am pleased to report that, by all measures, EDUCARE remains committed to the goal of building people and building communities. Financially, EDUCARE finished the year with a bang. This year represented for us, our biggest year yet, in terms of number of served individuals, households and communities served by EDUCARE when compared to previous years.

EDUCARE has had a dynamic Executive Director who is very committed to getting maximum results for the scarce funds that have been raised. Deola Famak is an experienced, energetic and dedicated woman whose leadership and management skills are already evident, as is her respect for the history and accomplishments of EDUCARE and her immediate adoption of the EDUCARE family as her own. Equally impressive were the Board and staff’s willingness to step up to meet the ever demanding requirements of a small but growing NGO in the midst of Crisis such as Ebola and the diminishing focus of Donors on Liberia even as there are pressing issues calling for help and attention from other countries.

As we evolve as an organization, it is also important to develop as individuals. Please permit me to express my recognition of the very important role we played together in improving the status of the organization. I assumed the Chairmanship of this reputable organization Board of Directors in the year 2007 and I am pleased to be afforded the opportunity to extend an annual greeting and best wishes for the year 2016 to such an august body. I am confident that the spirit of support and corporation demonstrated during the period under review will remain in evidence in the New Year.

May we be mindful of the spirt of care, share, love and generosity the season brings to the fore as we seek to improve the quality of our service delivery throughout the country.


Leewlia Fredericks

Chairman: Board of Directors

EDUCARE, Liberia


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